My name is Agnieszka Waldowska and I live in Krakow in Poland. I graduated Architecture on Silesian Institute of Technology and College of Art and Design in Lodz city. I have been working for biggest companies in Poland like Artman (now LPP corp.) where I have been working as vice head designer responsible for knitting department in House brand and also I was the person who has created totally new brand Mohito, which is very famous brand in Poland now. I was Head Designer there and I developed collection of Mohito with team of designers. I have been working as fashion designer for brands like Smyk – I was created clothes for children. The next step in my career was cooperation with company OTCF and creating totally sportive clouthes for brand 4F- I prepared collection for Polish Ski Team, Polish Biathlon Team and luxury collection for Adam Malysz. I participated in the show "Debut" at Warsaw Fashion Street with my own collections in 2007. For few last years I have developed my own agency “Suivre la mode” which is building product strategies of new brands of clothing, diagnoses the problems of the existing brands, offers key solutions for building the collection, design, marketing and concept stores. The domain of “Suivre la mode”, as the name suggests, is to track and follow the fashion. Now I  has created my own new brand  therapeutic brand One&Only / mental garment / Chic&Frenzy 0,5 mg.